SXSW All Together Now

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SXSW is all about people. Amazing people. I took a lot of photos at this year’s SXSW and some of those were of the band The Go Station. After their set, I went up to the lead singer and showed him the photos I had taken. He was happy since they didn’t have a photographer there. So I gave him my card and told him that they could use any of my photos. He then introduced me to the band manager and gave me a sampler CD. I really liked the band and after listening to the CD, really liked the song, “All Together Now.”

Later on, while going through all my SXSW photos, I thought that “All Together Now” would make a good soundtrack for a video featuring all the people I saw at SXSW. I contact the band and they agreed to let me use the song. Enjoy!

Steve Garfield, Videoblogger, Boston


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