Cemaphore Keeps Email Running and Accessible

December 19th, 2007 |
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When it comes to email continuity and message availability in times of a network outage or as part of a disaster recovery plan, the small and medium business needs what large organizations spec–but they need it at an affordable price point. Cemaphore Systems has created an email continuity and content management solution for SMBs base on Microsoft Exchange that keeps email flowing and stored messages available in a crisis.

Tyrone Pike, President and CEO of Cemaphore, talks with Brad Baldwin about defining the right mix of enterprise-class features for small and medium businesses. Pike also talks about challenges and best practices for email continuity and the hole he sees in the market to provide the same service to companies with just a few mailboxes.

SMBs can leverage Cemaphore MailShadow for as few as 25 up to as many as 50,000 mailboxes. Mail can fail over to Cemaphore within minutes of an outage to keep email up and running. Cemaphore also supports mobile devices that we’ve all come to rely on when traveling. When organizations migrate or upgrade to a new version of Exchange, MailShadow helps out. Cemaphore has built a deep expertise in Microsoft Exchange transaction technology, including being Microsoft’s first Reference Licensee of the Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol specification (formerly MAPI).

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