IT Best Practices: Integrating IT Demand Management and Business Relationship Management

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IT Best Practices: Intel IT has developed a Business Solutions Integration (BSI) service that incorporates business demand management (business requests) and business relationship management processes (our relationships with internal customers in all of Intel’s lines of business [LOBs]). We developed this service in response to our CIO’s “Customer at the Center” initiative, which calls for aligning these two processes in relation to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach.

The new service provides what we call a “One IT” view to our IT customers and formalizes our relationship with them through dedicated, single- point- of- contact IT personnel assigned to each LOB. This approach enables us to align more effectively with the LOBs’ strategies and pain points so we can focus on high-priority activities that can potentially transform Intel’s business.

To achieve results, we used Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and formal IT Service Management (ITSM) process improvement. The new service has significantly improved our ability to enter a business request into our system quickly—up to as much as 83 percent faster. We also reduced the average number of hours to disposition a business request (that is, agree to perform the work or not) from 36 hours to 8 hours.

We believe our BSI service is unique in the industry for implementing the ITIL business demand management and business relationship management processes. The new service improves the flow of business demand to Intel IT’s service owners, improves our business acumen, and—for the first time—aligns our plans to the LOBs’ priorities.

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