How Software-Defined Infrastructure Is Evolving at Intel

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IT Best Practices: For years, Intel IT has been evolving toward software-defined infrastructure (SDI), beginning with software-defined compute (SDC), to move from a proprietary fixed-function RISC Unix compute environment to an agile Intel architecture and Linux compute environment. To fulfill our vision, we are working on software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined storage (SDS).

We envision this SDI transforming our data centers into consolidated, energy-efficient data center facilities containing open-standards- based, agile, and cost-effective systems that will help us achieve the following benefits:

• Reduce capital expenditures with open-standards-based hardware and software and increased utilization of our current infrastructure.

• Automate manual provisioning to improve management efficiency and quality of service.

• Increase flexibility and agility of Intel IT and the services we provide.

• Limit the need for specialized knowledge through open interfaces.

We are at different stages of maturity for SDC, SDN, and SDS. SDC has already delivered capital-expenditure and management-efficiency benefits of hundreds of millions of dollars in business value annually. Open-standards-based SDN solutions are becoming enterprise ready. And we are piloting SDS solutions as they make their way to market.

Our ongoing SDI evolution keeps Intel IT agile, cost-competitive, and service-oriented so that we remain relevant to all our customers while advancing the enterprise technology capabilities.

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