Tech Tonics: Bob Kocher on Fixing Hospitals and Healthcare

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This week we are delighted to feature an interview with Venrock partner Dr. Bob Kocher, who probably knows more about the business of healthcare delivery than almost anyone in the world. He grew up in Seattle and was the fourth generation of his family to attend the University of Washington. After medical school, and a residency in internal medicine, Kocher initially planned to pursue a fellowship in oncology but realized he didn’t want to work in hospitals–he wanted to fix them.

He joined the management consulting company McKinsey and analyzed care delivery systems around the world. Later, he applied this expertise as a special advisor to President Obama and was one of two physicians (the other was Zeke Emanuel) contributing to the drafting of the Affordable Care Act. Kocher subsequently joined Venrock’s Silicon Valley office where he now focuses on investment opportunities in care delivery and digital health.

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