Naked Gadgets, Thanks to InvisibleShield

January 11th, 2007 |
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ShieldZone Founder Phillip Chipping and CEO Robert Pedersen speak with Brad Baldwin about the benefits of protected, “naked” gadgets. Industrial designers are working hard to create the sexiest and sleekest products. Why hide the design behind a bulky, unattractive case?

Chipping took a protective film developed to protect helicopter blades, and turned it into a consumer-friendly product that keeps iPod screens looking new and fragile cellphones enshrouded in a wrap-around case. While iPod shields still make up the bulk of sales, today ShieldZone has expanded its product line to protect over over 600 different products — from cellphones and gaming devices to MP3 players and GPS units. ShieldZone says it differentiates itself by “staying invisible.”

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