FYI Videogamers: Girls Got Game, Too

October 12th, 2006 |
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In the video game world, there is this idea that games are just for boys. That’s not the case in today’s gaming realm. Recent reports have revealed that 20-percent of “hardcore” gamers are women and that two-thirds of roughly 117 million active online PC gamers are female. But women continue to face stereotypes within the industry. PodTech’s Rio Pesino spoke with Jane Pinckard, editor-in-chief of and 70-year-old gamer Barbard Saint-Hilaire (AKA Old Grandma Hardcore) about those stereotypes, the representation of women in games and the impact female gaming groups have had on the industry.

Reporter’s notes: Think you can hang playing against Pinckard or Old Grandma Hardcore? Challenge them to a game! Gamers can contact Pinckard through her website and OGHC can be found here. If you’re lucky enough, they may spare you a few minutes of their video game time and beat your virtual-self into a pulp!

– Rio Pesino


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