Dynamic Ads in Video Games

September 18th, 2006 |
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Advertisers are using the Internet to place up-to-date ads in video games. “Dynamic Advertising” is designed to implement fresh, new ads in games. Justin Townsend, CEO of in-game ad firm IGA Worldwide, spoke with PodTech’s Rio Pesino about dynamic ads and why he feels it benefits gamers, game publishers and advertisers.

Reporter’s notes: As I mentioned in the podcast, in-game ads aren’t bothersome to me as long as it is relevant to the game and isn’t distracting to the gamer. In some cases, it adds a touch of realism to the game. However, in other instances its just downright stupid. Massive and IGA say the in-game ads will not be a distraction to gamers and will enhance the gaming environment. For the well-being of gamers all over the world, let’s hope so. Gamers wouldn’t want to see too much of this in their games in the near future.

Here’s an interesting blog on in-game advertising.

— Rio Pesino


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