Inertia: WWDC – Has Apple Abandoned Pro Users?

June 11th, 2012 |
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InertiaApple WWDC 2012: In the mid-90s, when the Wintel platform came to dominate the sweet spot of the business/consumer computer business, Apple at least had one loyal constituency: high end users. While Apple didn’t sell a lot of computers compared to PC makers like IBM, the company continued to appeal to creative people with a little pocket change to spend on a premium machine. Now that Apple has come to dominate consumer categories like cell phones and tablets, those creative types are wondering whether the technology giant needs them anymore. It’s been two years since a significant update of the workhorse computer they rely on, the Mac Pro tower. Lou Borella of VG3TV, one of those nervous users who wonder if Apple might walk from the pro market, wrote an open letter to Apple on his Facebook page asking the company what’s up with the silence at WWDC 2012. In this edition of Inertia a discussion with Lou Borella.

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