E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 – Coming Soon

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How will the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii (Revolution) compare to Microsoft’s xBox 360? From E32006 in Los Angeles PodTech InfoTalk and PodTech News bring you the keynote speeches, candid interviews, first reviews of new products, and all the sounds from the show floor. Companies being represented at E3 2006 in Los Angeles include: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, LucasArts, MTV, Gameloft, Spark Unlimited (Call of Duty: Finest Hour), Turbine (Lord of the Rings), Epic Games (Gears of War), CNET, NetDragon, Softbank, Niko, Ziff Davis, PopCap Games, Disney, Ubisoft, Midway (Mortal Kombat), Activision, Konami, Perpetual Entertainment (Star Trek Online), Vivendi Universal, and many more.


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