NAS: Storage for Home and Small Office

September 13th, 2011 |
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When President Obama outlined his jobs plan, small business figured prominently in the speech. An entrepreneurial spirit is a core element in a strong small business climate, but other factors have helped to keep small businesses viable. The practice of working from home, adopted by many large companies to save on employee commute costs and to foster productivity, has helped fuel an industry serving small business. Technological advances like the personal computer and the Internet have obviously transformed the power of people working in SOHO (small office and home office) environments. Storage technologies are next on the list. The research group IDC says growth in storage sales to large enterprises is soaring. And storage for home users as well as SOHO workers has benefited from enterprise level advancements. Simply dumping data onto external drives is no longer considered a good practice. Network Attached Storage is surprisingly affordable and allows people to actually manage the data they store.

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