iPhone: Album Arty, Finger Scrolling, Up Sensor, Widescreen, Music/Video Thingy

January 9th, 2007 |
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The functionality of the new Apple iPhone, which comes in 4 gig ($499) and 8 gig ($599) models, appears to be far superior to the regular iPod. Trouble is, it doesn’t store enough music for people who keep large collections at their fingertips. The iPhone may turn out to be much more fun and compelling to use than the increasingly old-fashioned-looking iPod. In this podcast Steve Jobs tells a morning MacWorld crowd about the music and video features of the new iPhone. The talk included a slide with of an iPod with a rotary phone dial. The lack, for now at least, of storage space on the much-hyped iPhone, leaves the door open for another image — an iPhone, duct taped to a 60-gig iPod.


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