Information Intelligence: Content Management Realized

April 13th, 2009 |
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Humans create more digital information each day than was created on paper in all of history. On one hand, people spend more than 40 percent of their time merely looking for the information they need to get their work done. On the other hand, they face having to deal with information overload—any information not wanted is spam. The promise of information intelligence is to empower people with the data they want and need—whenever they want it, wherever they are, on whatever device they are using. For a company, that means leveraging the data already within the firewalls as well as the information and knowledge outside from customers, partners and on the Internet. In this slideshow, Mark Lewis, President of EMC’s Content Management and Archiving Division, introduces a 4-part series on information intelligence and the Four Cs: Context, Convergence, Compliance, and Community and how they are revolutionizing content management.


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