Increasing Customer Engagement Using Web Content Management

February 24th, 2009 |
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Content management and collaboration are two keys to the challenge and potential behind Web Content Management. This video podcast shows where WCM is allowing companies to lead in innovation as they build customer engagement online.

Amid the constant changes in how companies interact with themselves, each other and consumers, Gartner blogger Kathy Harris sees plenty of room for improvement in knowledge management in the enterprise. As detailed in the latest McKinsey Quarterly, there’s plenty of experimentation going on at the enterprise level aimed at converting consumer interest online into consumer engagement.

Not surprisingly, according to EMC content management and archiving expert Frank Del Pinto, the expected growth in the WCM market is largely due to the concept of consumer engagement.

The fundamental paradigm shift in how consumers interact online and the resulting expectations have not only influenced site design and redesign, but have also refined what makes an appealing and effective website. Corporate marketers are beginning to align themselves to this paradigm shift and are looking at WCM technologies to capitalize on new revenue channels.

Many WCM providers have embraced Web 2.0 and the market is experiencing an evolution of its own. Companies can now utilize WCM solutions to easily implement engaging and interactive website experiences for their consumers.

WCM solutions that exhibit best-of-breed capabilities and also demonstrate business relevance in other functional areas allow companies to best position themselves as leaders in innovation and next generation web practices.

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