PodTech to Report in Person from the 2006 Apple World Wide Developers Conference

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On Monday, August 7, PodTech.net will be reporting from the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Podcasting and photostreams will start at 10:00am PT. Coverage will include the keynote by Steve Jobs.

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Word on the web is that “Apple is readying a dizzying amount of new products” (Scobleizer).

As always, rumors and speculation will be in full force with coverage by most if not all Mac enthusiast sites:

RoughlyDrafted, AppleInsider, Mac Rumors, Spymac, The Mac Observer, Think Secret, Slashdot, TUAW, AppleWatch, Cult of Mac, Your Mac Life, The Apple Core, MacSlash, MacSurfer, and others.

And what do you need to know if you’re going to attend the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco? PodTech’s Michael Johnson speaks with freelance author John Martellaro, who has attended the last 13 WWDC events and contributes to The Mac Observer’s Hidden Dimensions series.

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