Printing For Less in the middle of nowhere

September 25th, 2006 |
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One of my favorite things to do is get tours of businesses. For instance, if you’re ever in Seattle you should head north and take a tour of the 747 plant. It’s incredible.

But most businesses don’t give tours and, even if they do, you don’t get an idea of what makes that business special.

This tour of Printing for Less is one of those times when you can see something special: a CEO, Andrew Field, who loves what he does and loves the employees who work for him.

“Oh, hooey Scoble, every CEO says that,” you probably are thinking, right? Well, have you ever met a CEO that built a successful Internet business in the middle of nowhere? This business is the only major Internet business in Livingston Montana. It’s small town America. Before he started up his business there weren’t any geeks around. There was barely any Internet infrastructure around.

You’ll see why having a dog policy is helping them attract top-notch talent away from far bigger companies around the world. Not to mention their transparency initiatives (every employee knows exactly how much business they all did – up to the minute). They also show off their brand new building and see why their employees love working there. Printing for Less is the world’s largest Internet-based printing company with about $24 million in revenues (all of its business comes off of its Website).

I got a tour, along with a bunch of other geeks, while we were all up in Montana for our Off the Grid camp out. Enjoy and we’ll get Andrew and his team to answer any other questions you might have.

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