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April 2nd, 2007 |
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Originally from Texas, this modder goes by the handle “Envador.” He graduated from the University of Texas in 2000, and he’s been living in Southern California for the past 4 years, where he and his wife were married in the fall of 2005. He works at an A/V electronics company in Anaheim, Calif., as a senior web application developer. He says he picked up the modding addiction in 1998 when he cut a lop-sided square hole in the side of his beige steel computer case to help cool down the overheating processor. What started out as something practical quickly evolved into something closer to artistic expression. You’ve probably seen photos of his “work” floating around the Internet — BBQPC, ToiletPC, GuitarPC, LovePC, GingerbreadPC and DashboardPC are some of the 14 mods he’s published on his Website,

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