PodTech News: Ajay Malhotra of Cadence Design Systems

March 2nd, 2006 |
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The New Mac Mini has revived the buzz over TV and music on computers. We’re not really there yet, though many companies are betting that TV will come to our computers over the Internet in a truly workable way by the end of the year. Ajay Malhotra of chip design software maker Cadence told Jason Lopez of PodTech News the wait is almost over.

These days a personal computer or hand held device is essentially just a control surface to operate the machine inside — the chip. Drill down deeper and you start asking who was behind the design of those miniature machines. There are a handful of companies who make the software used to design those chips.

Ajay Malhotra, Senior Vice President for Marketing at Cadence Design Systems, says it’s a consumer driven world. He knows about marketing arcane IT products. He served as a marketing executive for Intel. We may not thinks it’s such a big deal today, but Intel revolutionized consumer electronics when it started to tell buyers who made the microprocessor inside the machine. Malhotra says Cadence isn’t ready to directly market to consumers, but he says chip design firms are responding to what end users want.


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