PodTech News: RSA Stuart McClure SVP of Global Research & Threats at McAfee – RSA Part 1 of 4

February 20th, 2006 |
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Analyzing security attacks from a Worldwide point of view… This is Podtech.net. I’m Michael Johnson at RSA 2006 in San Jose, California.

If you’ve got business data , there’s a chance that somebody out there you don’t know wants to take look at it. Security threats range from global to mobile. On this podcast, we talk with Stuart McClure SVP of Global Research & Threats at McAfee. Listen to Stuart McClures’s thoughts on the growing sophistication of security threats:

“… It’s less about ego and proving that they’re smarter than you. It’s more about financial gain and making money, and these people make a lot of money doing this stuff. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t continue to do it….It was a very small portion of the global threat, six to eight years ago, but today it’s the predominant one, by a factor of five… ” This is part 1 of a 4 post series from RSA.


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