Virtual Desktops – The Wave of the Future?

May 9th, 2008 |
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Join BearingPoint Senior Manager Laurent Mandorla as he explores the importance of virtual desktops and why they are being hailed as the wave of the future. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz around virtualization, although it’s only recently that organizations have begun to embrace it. Statistics show that by the year 2011 there will be 700 million users. This is a bold prediction that has many people investing heavily in this solution as a new offering for their clients.

A virtual desktop is one where all computing happens remotely. It contains a very simple screen that allows you to replace the heavy workstations that are currently being used by the majority of companies. Virtual desktops provide a “virtual” space, in which the user can place all their application software. The most compelling argument that vendors use to convince organizations to buy in to this solution is the fact that all the data and applications are in one secure location. Someone can still manage all of their employee’s desktops, even when the computer is off.

The recent trend has been for companies to move to Windows Vista. This allows an organization to keep the same hardware, which is a viable solution to cut costs. So, why are some people hesitant to invest in this? The answer seems to be that virtual desktops are not a “one size fits all” solution – but there are ways for easy implementation, which is where BearingPoint comes in. We assist with the pain points or doubts that an organizations goes through. It is our goal to assist with the development of a strategic roadmap that brings the client all the way through the deployment. We bring our expertise to the table to ensure the transition is smooth and that our clients are on their way to cost-saving success.

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