How to Make On-Boarding Easier for Your New Hire

April 25th, 2008 |
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Join BearingPoint senior manager Randy Nease as he explores employee on-boarding and how it can be made easier for the new hire. Employee on-boarding begins when the new hire accepts a company’s offer, and continues all the way through setting their performance goals. In the midst of this, there are the duties of payroll initiation, employee benefit enrollment and providing them with everything they will need to be productive, such as a permanent seat with an equipped computer.

The employee on-boarding process is a great concern for most organizations. The concern being that there is not a single owner of this process, so it is essential to get every responsible party involved. A company needs to ensure that groups such as procurement, real estate for seat assignment, and IT for computer set up are all engaged. In the past, an email was sent company-wide and the manager of the new hire assumed all tactical objectives would be completed. As many companies soon found out, this was hardly ever the case.

BearingPoint has partnered with Oracle to provide a solution to on-boarding that involves a precise architecture that serves as the foundation of your central system. This architecture provides a single point of access and serves as a new hire portal for both the employee and the company. This system serves as a tracker for what needs to be done and what has been completed to ensure a smooth transition for your new hire.


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