Mike 2.0: Simplifying the Methodology of Information Management

October 29th, 2007 |
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Join BearingPoint Managing Director, Robert Hilliard, as he explores Mike 2.0 and the opportunities it offers to Information Management.

Mike 2.0 is a web 2.0 technique that is used to simplify the complexity of finding data. It takes out many of the steps that are currently taken to manage and allocate important information. With a less than stellar performance in the past, Information Management led many people to believe that securing data was a threat and not an opportunity. With the introduction of Mike 2.0, BearingPoint has engaged in a competitive advantage over our competitors.

BearingPoint has spent many years developing a strategy that could target the threats commonly seen with Information Management. The important element was recognizing the challenges and developing a strategic solution. By using Mike 2.0, the client becomes familiar with a new method for extracting data, one that take less time and money.

BearingPoint’s Information Management solutions help your organization understand its toughest information management challenges and begin the journey to learn more.


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