IT Product Management: An Art More Than a Science?

April 9th, 2007 |
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Typically, IT organizational structures are the result of an evolutionary process and are not necessarily the outcome of planned design. So, how should the IT organization be designed and operated?

To start, using a value chain provides an overview of the business by depicting major processes that collectively generate value for the organization and its clients. The analysis allows deeper study of the organization to determine the added value of each organizational component and, most importantly, helps identify the value creation areas.

Here is the underlying idea: in order to deliver value, the IT organization, or any other organization for that matter, needs to act essentially as a regular service organization that delivers a set of products or services, that is, a combination of technology and supporting activities that the user community is willing to buy.

Join BearingPoint vice president and chief technologist Manuel Barbero to explore several approaches to addressing IT governance issues and how we can leverage lessons learned from IT architects.


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