Storage Virtualization: Keys to Freeing Up IT Resources

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Join BearingPoint manager Scott Kimbel to explore the benefits, importance and future of storage virtualization. Simply put, storage virtualization is a means of using technology to administer storage, as well as servers and networks. Another key function to using storage virtualization is that it frees up the IT resources from their physical connection and makes them available to users as a logical resource.

Storage Virtualization is widely recognized for its ability to optimize the utilization of existing storage and because it enables greater applications and performance. In this podcast we learn how transferring to storage virtualization requires a different mindset for some companies. Many companies are siloed in how they purchase storage, which sometimes results in using only 20-30 percent of their existing storage system. Once the long-term benefits of storage virtualization are known, such as better utilization and cheaper costs, companies are more willing to comply.


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