TechOne: Sun breakthrough in processors; The back story on Microsoft DOS

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Sun Microsystems leaped ahead of rivals this week with what it claims is the world’s fastest server microprocessor. Analysts such as Nathan Brookwood from Insight64 were impressed. Sun also said that it would open up all of its business units as standalone profit centers in a bid to attract additional partners using Sun technologies.

Here is Part 1 of Sun’s presentation. Part 2 and Q&A with press and partners coming soon.

– Robert Scoble visits Tom Rolander, a former colleague of Gary Kildall of Digital Research and finds out what happened when IBM tried to license Digital Research’s DR-DOS for its PC. How did Gary Kildall miss out on such a great opportunity?

– Larry Magid finds a solution to recharging mobile devices using an innovative fuel cell power pack from Medis Technologies.


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