Designing and Implementing a Scalable Virtual Desktop Deployment, part 1

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This Podcast covers the basic requirements customers of all sizes should consider in begging to look at alternative ways to architect their desktop populations. As we like to say, the desktop is no longer a NOUN, or a singular physical asset that we provision and deploy to end users, waiting for it or its software components to break then fix. The Desktop is in fact a VERB, it is something you do, it is really a workspace where computers, applications, and users converge so they can do the jobs we assign to them. VMware Enterprise Desktop solutions, including VDI and Thinapp allow us to do just that. However, any successful deployment hinges on a successful assessment of what your users need, today, to “desktop”.


J. Tyler Rohrer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

John Dodge, Worldwide Release Engineer, VMware


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