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It started with an innocuous audio interview with the then-President of the Products and Technology Group at SAP AG, Shai Agassi. Then came Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz, sitting at a table with an umbrella. It wasn’t long before Scoble introduced us to Thomas Hawk (investment advisor by day, ubiquitous digital media creator by night). There was the Golden Gate Bridge walk (spread over three parts!), and then came pumpkins — lots of pumpkins. Somewhere between the Golden Gate Bridge and the pumpkin patch, conversations with entrepreneurs like b5media Founder and President Jeremy Wright and SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill.

There was lunch with Bill Gates and another lunch with Mark Cuban. We met folks from Salesforce and Zillow, SocialText, Retrevo and Maxthon. We met political bloggers and a presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

But one of our favorites? It’s an interview with Microsoft’s Gary Flake on Photosynth.


Robert Scoble is still the author of the incredibly popular tech geek blog, Scobleizer.com. He’s also the managing director over at FastCompany.tv, where ScobleShow editor and producer Rocky Barbanica is also now a senior producer.

Since that fateful first ScobleShow, Agassi has moved on to found Project Better Place, in order to pursue interests in alternative energy and climate change. Jonathan Schwartz is still at Sun, still blogging, and lots of the start-ups we met are still kicking around, some of them very successfully! It’s worth taking a few minutes to surf through the archives, or just wait to see what pops up in the Classic feed. Good for a few goofy laughs and a little insight into where we’ve been and where we might be going. Oh, and Thomas Hawk is still evangelizing for photo sharing and digital media, and still believes that the best pictures in the world have yet to be taken.


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