New PodTech India Contributor: Manish Chandra

September 9th, 2006 |
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About Manish Chandra:

Manish Chandra arrived in Silicon Valley in 1989. His passion for growing small ideas took shape very early when he left Intel to join a small start-up called Sybase (with less than 80 people) while the valley was going through one of it’s down cycles in 1990. Manish played a variety of development and product management roles at Sybase and left the company in 1995 when it had over 6,000 employees. From there he joined Versata as their 8th employee and was part of the core executive team that took the company public in 2000. His latest venture, Kaboodle, is a consumer internet service that helps simplify people’s lives by letting them collect, organize and share all types of information from shopping, travel to health and real estate. In June, 2006, Kaboodle partnered with eBay to launch MyCollectibles, a service that helps collectors showcase their collections and passions on the web.

Manish is a charter member of TiE (The Indus

Entrepreneurs) and chairs the TiE SIG on Internet.

Manish is currently based out of Silicon Valley.

About “Heart to Heart”:

“Heart to Heart” will focus on the personal aspects of entrepreneurship. Manish will be talking to fellow entrepreneurs and investors from both Silicon Valley and other parts of the world, and provide a glimpse from an insider’s perspective on the challenges that each entrepreneur faces in building a business from a personal, family and a professional angle.

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