New PodTech India Contributor: Vickram Crishna

September 9th, 2006 |
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About Vickram:

Vickram Crishna, a graduate of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta, has worked in and around the Indian technology sector for three decades, including ten years spent in mainstream media. His stint as deputy editor at the fortnightly Business India, industry’s reference point, witnessed the desktop PC in India in the mid-90s mature from its niche to the mainstay of India’s booming business sector. Meeting the global industry’s major movers and shakers, from Bill Gates to Eric Schmidt, complemented the galaxy of Indian IT majors with whom he often interacted.

He has now moved on to evangelize net-based communications for India’s rural sector, an opportunity for industry to serve a billion people across the subcontinent. He brings the Podtech audience, on launch of the India channel, his unique outlook and an easy familiarity with the complexities of technology and socio-economic development.

Vickram is based out of Mumbai.

About “Vickram’s View”:

Every week, “Vickram’s View” will deliver an in-depth conversation with a key industry expert, a roundup of what’s happening in IT , and a perspectives piece on how technology is impacting the developing world.

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