CEA: The Next-Gen Console War Will Benefit the Gaming Market

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The Consumer Electronics Association predicts that video games will bring in more than $12 billion dollars this year. In this podcast, CEA’s Sean Wargo talks with PodTech’s Rio Pesino about the growth of the industry, the impact next-gen consoles will have on the gaming market and comments on the Yankee Group’s prediction that the Sony Playstation 3 will win the console war.

Reporter’s Notes: The fact that videogames have become a billion dollar industry is no surprise. Sean Wargo’s prediction that the PS3 will win the next-gen console war came as something of a shock to me. Sure, Sony has a huge market share right now, but with Microsoft’s early release of its Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s expected cheap price tag on the Wii, I can see Sony losing a lot of gamers. The PS3’s expensive price tag and inclusion of Blu-Ray is also a risk. Gamespot has an in-depth interview with Sony Computer Entertainment American President Kaz Hirai.

In other CEA-related news, I got a chance to speak with CEA Communications Director Tara Dunion about the scaling down of the E3 Expo and the company’s thoughts on perhaps creating a West Coast venue to replace E3.

– Rio Pesino

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