Jerry Zucker at the Vloggies

November 8th, 2006 |
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Jerry Zucker, producer of Airplane, Ghost and The Naked Gun, spoke at the Vloggies, saying that he had no interest in videoblogging but adding that the Hollywood studios are a mess…. He was kidding, but he did say that online media is in its infancy, predicting that we’ll look back in 10 years to find that the Internet is now similar to what early television was like (with so many videos of people at home cooking or dancing or singing, he said his earliest attempts weren’t that different). Zucker said, “The best part about having a camera back in the old days was that we could do it ourselves — and this is the important thing to do now — just keep doing it and see the reaction you get and keep making it better until you have something that you can do that is really entertaining and consistent.” The Internet offers an exciting forum for expression, in that work no longer has to be filtered through executives and studios. Oh, and he promised to strictly devote his life to PodTech.

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