George Zachary talks “Hot Money” – a QuickStart program

November 1st, 2006 |
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George Zachary of Charles River Ventures speaks with PodTech Founder John Furrier about CRV QuickStart, a new, innovative program the VC firm launched today. QuickStart offers loans of up to $250,000 to entrepreneurs to get their businesses started. Why? It’s a great deal for entrepreneurs, and it’s a great deal for Charles River. QuickStart perfectly mirrors today’s market environment of Internet consumer services companies’ ability to gain huge traction — fast — on little money. It’s perfect for what George calls “capital lite” companies. And QuickStart is a smart way for Charles River to get broad exposure and insight into as many companies as possible. A perfect win-win that caught huge buzz today. Listen in to hear more about the program’s structure from both entrepreneurs and VC perspective. Check out George’s new blog, and you can get the quick version from George in video here.

Update: George posts about QuickStart on his Sense and Cents blog.

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