IBM Social Media Team in NYC Discuss the Future of Podcasting

October 11th, 2006 |

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IBM’s mainframe team recently did an experiment on YouTube with branded entertainment. IBM podcasting really hit the mark with the developerworks group. The group goes into detail about their corporate blogging and podcasting guidelines. Chris, the editor of the ‘How it Works’ podcast, discusses the storytelling aspect of technology podcasts, and how to use that to reach customers. Whether it’s discussing thoughts about moving into video podcasting, extolling the critical importance of storytelling and passion, or declaring podcasting as “the next media revolution,” this team’s conversation makes this podcast ideal for marketing executives looking at social media as part of their marketing mix.

John’s Notes: I hope you enjoy this entertaining social media conversation with eight IBM podcasters in NYC. I’ve been working with the great people from IBM for about a year on podcasting and I’m excited by the company’s innovations. IBM’s social media braintrust, including Ben Edwards, Derrick Baker, Scott Laningham, Chris L, George Faulker, Jennifer Clemente, Tim Washer and Christopher Barger were out in NYC right after getting their iTunes group photo taken at Ogilvy.

I’ve already done a few podcasts with IBM at their headquarters (here and here). PodTech also posted a popular interview with IBM’s CTO Anant Jhingran. I’m proud to have worked with IBM over this past year as they continue to innovate. These are true marketing voices.

– John Furrier

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