vPhrase Making Data Easier to Understand in the Enterprise – Intel on AI – Episode 54

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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: To remain competitive businesses need to utilize their data to the fullest and make data-driven decisions at all levels. Yet, collecting and analyzing data can be expensive when hiring external expertise or time consuming when training internal teams. Vivek Mishra, Head of Technology at vPhrase Analytics, joins the Intel on AI podcast to talk about their AI-based business intelligence tool automate data analysis and reporting to help any company take advantage of their data. He describes how their solution, Phrazor, transforms complex data into easy-to-understand reports with language-based insights and supports multiple languages. Vivek also highlights how Phrazor gathers data in a structured format and applies language to present the reader with humanized, targeted analysis of their data so that anyone in an organization can analyze and understand it. Phrazor gives any enterprise the ability to both analyze and visualize their data in a single, easy to use platform. Vivek discusses how the vPhrase team worked closely with Intel engineers through the Intel AI Builders program to optimize their solution for Intel Xeon processors and Intel optimized TensorFlow and Python to substantially reduce their training time.

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