System and Application Compatibility with Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 182

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In this Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Ullrich Becker-Lemgau, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel, joins Conversations in the Cloud this week to discuss Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling. Ulli is on a team at Intel that works to streamline HPC technology so that all the components fit together, including optimizing the applications that work on the HPC platforms.

Ulli discusses his history in the field of simulation, and how he was motivated by an engineering problem that needed to be solved, ranging from optimizing the performance of a car to finding a cure for a disease. Beyond the engineering, the next step is how to bring together different technologies into a comprehensive solution to solve the problem.

In the past, HPC was the realm of the specialist but it’s now broadening with more mainstream companies now running HPC clusters. Ulli notes that HPC has a positive impact on revenue, even for smaller enterprises.

The Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling offers easy to deploy infrastructure that reduces complexity for the end user. Ulli talks about the importance of aligning the interface between the system and applications. This is accomplished with the Intel HPC Platform Specification, which helps defines this interface and guides developers in order to ensure that their software will work seamlessly on any of the Intel Select Solutions for HPC.

Intel Select Solution for Simulation & Modeling is a complete solution with testing and benchmarks complete. Ulli is working with ISVs to ensure their applications operate optimally on the Intel Select Solutions, and building up the Intel HPC Application Catalog, which lists all the compatible applications. Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling serves as the basis of the HPC solutions, including Simulation & Visualization and Genomics Analytics.

Learn more about Intel Select Solutions at:

Explore the Intel HPC Platform Specification and Intel HPC Application Catalog at:

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