Tech Tonics: Darshak Sanghavi, Public Health Pediatrician

December 17th, 2018 |
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Passionate about the intersection of policy and medicine, Darshak Sanghavi’s career has taken him from pediatric cardiology to the Obama Administration to his current role as CMO, OptumLabs, always seeking to define and improve on one thing in particular: the outcomes that matter most.

Like so many origin stories, Darshak’s begins in New Jersey, where he attended the same high school as previous Tech Tonics guest Atul Butte. After college in Boston (where he majored in biology and U.S. politics) and medical school in Baltimore (where he traveled globally to pursue an interest in public health), he returned to Boston to pursue pediatrics, and ultimately pediatric cardiology, while taking several years off to work as an Indian Health Service pediatrician on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. He also authored a highly-regarded book, “A Map Of The Child.”

After nearly a decade practicing pediatric cardiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (ultimately as chief), he joined the Brookings Institution, then was recruited by his former intern Patrick Conway to join the Obama Administration, where he served as the Director of Preventive and Population Health at the HHS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. In August 2016, he transitioned into the private sector into his current role as Chief Medical Officer of OptumLabs.

We are thrilled to welcome the preternaturally eloquent Darshak to today’s show – and among other topics, hear him explain why he believes health care and reality TV are so similar (see here)! Plus, his thoughts on work-life balance (or its absence).

Today’s episode is sponsored by Rockpointe: innovators in medical education and patient engagement.
Rockpointe: innovators in medical education and patient engagement.
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