Tech Tonics: A Brief History of Iya Khalil

January 22nd, 2018 |
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Iya Khalil is a woman who’s always been ahead of her time. In middle school she was captivated by the writing of Stephen Hawking. After graduating school at Cornell with a PhD in physics, while colleagues were heading to Wall Street to be quants or to Silicon Valley to launch the next Webvan, she was captivated by AI and its potential to inform the study of biology and the care of patients.

In 2000, with Colin Hill, she co-founded GNS Healthcare, a company that, eighteen years later, remains true to its original mission and provides insight to payors and biopharma companies through a proprietary analytic approach.

We are delighted to welcome Iya to the program today, and discuss her captivating journey, her views of the evolution of AI, and her experiences as a tech entrepreneur who is also an Arab American Muslim. Through it all Iya brings not only an incisive mind but also her remarkable and distinct combination of real-world pragmatism and engaging optimism. It is a pleasure to have her on Tech Tonics!

Today’s episode of Tech Tonics is sponsored by GE Ventures; GE Ventures – Multiple Paths to Big Impact.


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