DataCore on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – Intel Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 113

October 30th, 2017 |
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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Sushant Rao, Senior Director of Product Marketing at DataCore, joins us on Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the importance of disaster recovery in the cloud and how businesses can protect and recover data from anywhere. Sushant explains why companies need to be prepared for large scale disasters like wildfires and hurricanes, which could impact their operations and knock out their data centers. Sushant talks about the products that they are working on to make disaster recovery easier including Asynchronous Remote Replication, which is made possible with DataCore SANsymphony software and Intel Xeon processors. Along with those efforts, DataCore also recently brought hybrid cloud replication to the Azure Marketplace.

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