Phill Up At Home

February 16th, 2007 |
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Imagine never having to stop at a refueling station ever again and still be able to drive a vehicle with little to zero fossil fuel emissions. That’s the promise of Phill, the new at-home, natural gas refueling appliance. Made by Fuelmaker, the system is available in California and New York through Honda as part of their Civic NGV, which enables you to travel more than 200 miles on a full tank. Retailing for about $4k, you get a tax credit from the government at the same time, to offset the cost. If you need to fill up on the road, check out the numerous fast-fill compressed natural gas stations throughout California. Check out the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Web site for a complete list of locations. While at the Chicago Auto Show, I got an introduction to Phill and the Civic NGV (it also comes with a tax credit and is allowed to drive in the HOV lane with a single passenger) from Honda’s Manager of Public Relations, Sage Marie.

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