Re-Architecting the Intel Xeon Processor Family for Scalability – Intel Chip Chat – Episode 529

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In this Intel Chip Chat audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Jennifer Huffstetler, Director of Datacenter Product Marketing at Intel, joins us to announce a new platform brand for Intel’s datacenter processors. Cued by the significant architectural leaps in what many have heard of as “Skylake,” Intel has re-architected the Intel Xeon processor family brand to reflect the core value proposition of this new processor family: scalability. Launching in Summer 2017, The Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family will offer 4 levels of performance and a variety of choices with regard to which integrations and accelerators customers need, with a new tiering based on metals (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum) to make the options simple to understand. This new architecture reflects both the maturation of datacenter workloads and customer desires for agile and secure infrastructures that can grow and respond to constantly changing market needs. In this interview, Huffstetler unpacks the new Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family brand and previews some of the exciting advances customers can look forward to when the platform launches.

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