Tech Tonics: Jan Bruce and the Science of Resilience

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When you ask Jan Bruce where she grew up, she says “in the media business.” Jan worked early on in the magazine and then digital media sectors, backing into the health and wellness category through opportunity. She planned a career as editor and publisher but always found herself gravitating to selling the advertising rather than focused on editorial.

It turns out Jan was a born entrepreneur and that is now where she again finds herself as CEO of MeQuilibrium, after years in media (including a stint with Martha Stewart Omnimedia), and a lifetime practice of personal well-being. Watching her media colleagues tout health but ignore their own well-being, Jan saw a gap in the market distinct from what most think of as wellness. Thus she set out to help the nation’s largest companies build “transformational human and organizational resilience” by applying the right combination of technology, and psychology. Her goal is nothing less than to address what she describes as a rapidly altering value exchange between employer and employee.

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