Network Orchestration in 2017 – Intel Chip Chat: Network Insights – Episode 96

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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: Kiran Sirupa, Director of Marketing at Anuta Networks, examines how their software solution for network service orchestration allows enterprises to develop new services rapidly. He explains Anuta’s role in the transition to virtualized infrastructure and the progress in the industry. 2017 is an exciting year as customers are demanding new types of capabilities with ROI to the business. Kiran says virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) and software defined WAN (SD-WAN) will be a focus and the role of automation and orchestration are critical. This year is also about performance improvement through service assurance and scalability. To achieve these industry changes, ecosystem collaboration is necessary. Anuta is actively engaging as a member of the Intel Network Builders program and already supports 35 industry leading vendors in their platform.

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