Dynamically Scale NFV – Intel Chip Chat: Network Insights – Episode 94

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Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights audio podcast with Allyson Klein: VMware’s Director of Product Marketing, Misbah Mahmoodi, joins the program to explain how they are addressing the challenges of IoT and 5G to drive change in the industry. VMware VCloud NFV provides a tightly integrated and fully tested NFV infrastructure (NFVI) platform with virtual compute, storage, and networking resources coupled with a flexible Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM). VMware vCloud NFV also delivers a robust, intelligent operations management solution that delivers operational insight and 360 degree visibility across operators’ networks. Misbah also describes how VMware is engaging in open standards development to give operators the freedom of choice and realize the true value of NFV with the ability to dynamically scale and add new services on demand.

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