GM Announces PHEV at LA Auto Show

December 12th, 2006 |
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“The technical hurdles are real but we believe they are surmountable.” During his keynote address at the L.A. Auto Show, General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner announced that the company has begun work on a Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid production vehicle, as well as other alternative fuel technologies. While no production date was given for the PHEV, Wagoner indicated it was a top priority for the company.

Reporter’s Notes: While specifics were lacking, even mentioning GM’s PHEV plans in public represented a giant change in strategy for Wagoner and the company. No doubt they are feeling the pressure from competitors like Toyota, as well as economic and environmental concerns in the market among consumers, as issues like an over-reliance on foreign oil, rising gas prices, and global warming continue to dominate issues of concern for consumers. Special thanks to Ingrid Lobet, Western bureau chief for National Public Radio’s environmental & science program, Living on Earth, for her assistance in providing audio of this news conference.

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