QCT Harnesses Intel NVM Express to Solve Storage Bottlenecks in the Cloud – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 67

November 30th, 2016 |
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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Veda Shankar, Director of Emerging Technologies for Quanta Cloud Technologies (QCT), joins us to discuss QCT’s work to solve storage bottlenecks endemic to cloud service providers. Many providers are turning to scale-out storage architectures, such as Ceph, to scale efficiently. However, QCT and others have found that separating storage and compute over Ethernet causes IO bottlenecks, especially for demanding workloads like Hadoop and machine learning. QCT is addressing these bottlenecks using Intel NVM Express storage, a solution exhibited at IDF 2016 and hosted in QCT’s state of the art data center lab in San Jose. Shankar additionally described how QCT’s QxStack infrastructure appliance enables customers to launch an OpenStack cloud on the first day of deployment using QCT’s thoroughly optimized and validated architecture.

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