Dell: DevOps Comes to Database Developers and DBAs – It’s About Time

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Application teams have tools for managing their development lifecycle — from source code control and automated testing to continuous integration and automated deployment. But as a database developer or DBA, you’ve lacked the proper tooling to help you keep pace with the rest of your organization.

You face increasing pressure to deliver database changes faster, while you’re also responsible for ensuring that databases are always available and applications run at peak performance. The conventional wisdom dictates that you have to choose between speed and quality, that you can’t go faster and reduce risk at the same time.


Now your organization can apply automation to your database development lifecycle, breaking down silos between development and operations teams and bringing you into the DevOps fold. With the right tools, database developers and DBAs can nally keep up with the increasing pace of application releases while protecting precious business data.

This white paper will explore the importance of bringing agile and DevOps to database development and the obstacles organizations face along the way. It describes what to look for when selecting tools to bring the database into the world of DevOps. Finally, it demonstrates how the right tools can bring automation to database development and the value of DevOps to the entire organization.

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