Tech Tonics: Alex Drane Talks about the Unmentionables

December 7th, 2015 |
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Alexandra “Alex” Drane has been talking about the Unmentionables like end of life, sex, loneliness and empathy long before it was cool to address these topics as core healthcare issues. Always the brightest light in any room, Alex draws people to her with her fresh and honest take on serious issues and her vivaciousness and joyful approach to her work.

Alex has founded five companies and played a role in shaping many others. Her most current efforts focus on the intersection of caregiving and improving the end-of-life experience. She has dedicated her life to finding the human side of technology and leveraging technology to get the best out of life. She is well known for her presentation of The Unmentionables at the annual Health 2.0 conference and other locales.

In this episode of Tech Tonics, Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz talk with Alex about the importance of including actual life experiences and emotions in discussions of healthcare a la the Vulnerability Index she developed to characterize these issues. She also discusses her initiatives to improve end of life discussions with the Engage with Grace One Slide Project. David has written about these issues as well: an op-ed for the New York Times while interning at Massachusetts General and recently with Forbes.


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