ROI: Intel vPro Technology in the Enterprise

December 4th, 2007 |
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With Intel vPro Technology, the enterprise has a measurable way to improve IT efficiency and cut costs significantly. Enterprises that deploy Intel vPro technology-based PCs as part of a comprehensive PC refresh program can expect to reduce hardware complexity and the expenditures associated with that complexity. Wipro conducted a survey of IT managers from 40 different companies in a variety of industries, asking about current desktop management activities and costs that could be reduced by PCs with Intel vPro technology. The results the research team came up with were impressive — according to the white paper documenting their findings, a company with 32,000 desktops and a 4-year refresh cycle can achieve desktop management cost reductions of approximately $1 million in year one of the refresh, and as much as $7.5 million in year five, by which time the entire PC population would be part of a base featuring PCs with Intel vPro technology.

In this video podcast, Intel Senior Business Marketing Manager Justin Van Buren, Wipro Chief Application Architect Patrick Kalaher, Wipro Architect Timothy Morey, and Intel’s own Josh Hilliker discuss the technology and its implications for business with PodTech’s Jason Lopez.

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