New Media Helped by Traditional News Distributors

November 8th, 2007 |
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Marketing organizations are realizing the benefits of social media. Business Wire, traditionally viewed as the distributor of news to the mainstream press, is jumping into the social media world with products and services that expand a marketer’s reach into the new media realm. Like traditional journalists, bloggers can leverage the news wires to keep abreast on topics or issues. Business Wire crosses over to include new media publishers as it offers organizations services from the wire, including offerings like multimedia enclosures, text optimization, social bookmarking, tagging or something as simple as trackbacks. In one example, Engadget was able to get news of a new product release along with an official high-quality product image so they didn’t have to link to a lower quality picture on another site.

Malcolm Atherton presented at the Blogging for Business conference in Salt Lake City and took time out to talk with Brad Baldwin about how traditional news distribution services are adapting to support bloggers and new media.


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