Avinti iSolation Server Prevents Malware

October 15th, 2007 |
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Malware delivered through links in email is working. Unfortunately, those organizations that don’t have a strategy to prevent this attack stand to suffer significant financial loss, and perhaps worse, their reputation.

Avinti provides a solution that processes email through a gateway on the edge of the network. Unlike other solutions that rely on knowing about a specific message or a hash of an attachment, the Avinti solution determines if a message is a threat by taking action and following the link, inside it’s own iSolation Server. Problems are detected and prevented in real-time.

William Kilmer, CEO of Avinti, introduces the Avinti solution to Brad Baldwin. Kilmer also talks about a version of the solution, NEWT (Neutralize Email Web Threats), offered as a free download from the Avinti Web site. test.


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